Our Approach

Investment Philosophy

We follow a fundamental, value-oriented, long/short investment strategy and seek to outperform the market with absolute returns. We make concentrated investments in companies that are out of favor with institutional investors. We believe our academic focus detaches us from short-term fluctuations and provides us with a unique perspective and ability to take advantage of market overreactions.

Importantly, we do not make macroeconomic predictions nor do we invest in companies highly correlated to the macroeconomic environment. Instead, we perform bottom-up analysis and look for company-specific investment opportunities that are attractive in all situations.

Investment Process

Our investment process takes advantage of our academic background to pursue a research-intensive approach. Each investment idea undergoes a rigorous two-stage investment process and is presented during Investment Committee Meetings, which are attended by all members of the organization.

Our Focus

Investment Universe

Our investment universe includes small and mid cap equities. We focus on US equities, but also invest opportunistically in international markets. Our investment time horizon is 1-3 years.

Investment Sourcing

We source investment ideas from our five industry groups: Consumer, Energy, Healthcare, Industrials, and Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT). Each industry group covers 40-60 companies, and pitches those with the largest value dislocations.

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